Monday, 30 July 2012

"Robot Birthday Party"

My 2 year old Grandson had been looking forward to his July birthday ever since his little brother turned one in March. For four months he talked about his"Robot Party". When I found out they would be visiting for his birthday I knew I had to make it special. 

Waiting for the party to start and having a few snacks

I found these large "u-build it" robots at Winners in the clearance section.
 How lucky was that?


Even baby brother sat at the table!


Robot party food

The birthday boy's favorite M&Ms.

Robot sandwiches

Fruit Robot

birthday cupcakes

We made marshmallow robots!

Surveying the ingredients for the robots.

Marshmallow Robots
Working on it...

Eating a bit with Mom!

Amelia's finished product.


 The take home candy  had its own little bag.

Michaels had all kinds of Robot treats including puzzles, wind-ups, pencils 
and pencil cases, stickers etc.

A full page sticker  decorated the gift bag.

As part of the birthday gift I made Levi a few more pages for his Quiet Book 
including this one :

Robot quiet book page.
The patterns for the robot page are found here.

All in all we had a good day!


  1. We definitely did! Great party!! :)
    He keeps asking "Is my robot birthday over?", and "Will I have another robot birthday?".
    Thanks XOXO

    1. We could have another party anytime you want to come. xo

  2. So many neat ideas! I want to make a marshmallow robot :) No wonder Levi keeps asking "Will I have another robot birthday?" even I want one now.

  3. Thanks Lena. Come for a visit, I have a lot of the supplies left over.