Monday, 15 June 2015

Vintage pyrex: growing my collection

A post I shared about my vintage pyrex collection has been a favorite for many and so
 I thought I would update it.  I like how it looks now that I have had my kitchen renovated. 
I finally painted the cupboard that I display it in. 

The evolution of the collection:

Vintage pyrex and glasses in turquoise and pink:

I decided to add some yellow pyrex

In the bottom left corner is a lime green loaf pan. I am now on the hunt for that color as well.

I also collect vintage glasses in turquoise, pink and yellow.

I  found some plastic doilies from the 1950's in the same colors.

I find that I like these colors more and more and am planning to share the other vintage finds that I have in my kitchen on a future post. I would love to hear about your pyrex likes in the comments.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Baby Love

I love making Baby things and the last few years I have taken to making 
themed baby gifts for my grand- babies.

I shared a bit about this owl-themed gift HERE

Another theme idea came from a small bird design I made. 

I shared how I made the quilt   HERE    even though I am not really a very proficient quilter.

Here is a close up of one of the birds on the quilt.

The finished quilt

The crochet flannel blanket pattern can be found  HERE

Another crochet blanket made with granny squares and a ruffled edge in colors to go with the theme.

A bird pillow with two different sides.

And last but not least a small crocheted bird rattle made
 from a pattern I purchased from  THIS  etsy store.

This is the latest baby gift.

The first thing I decided to make was a crochet blanket. 
Since it needed to be neutral until I knew the gender of the baby I decided to
use a white and grey color scheme. The black edge was a later decision.

This free pattern can be found HERE

I added a border and sewed the pink ribbon on by hand at the end to add a
 feminine touch after finding out my new grand-baby was a girl.

This baby gift theme started with an idea to use farm animals. I decided to continue
 the grey, black and white after liking how the crochet blanket looked

First I purchased a horse, cow and chick embroidery pattern
 HERE  to use as appliqué patterns.

I purchased the pattern for the lamb  HERE.

The pig I designed myself with the Pages app.

These patterns:

Became this:

And then: my final blanket top design:

I sent my design to Spoonflower and had it printed in an organic
knit cotton that is extremely soft.

I put a white layer of flannel between the quilt top and a soft striped flannel
I found for the backing. It makes the blanket a very nice weight.

The dotted lines were a great guide for hand stitching around each square.
Decorative pink stitching was added as with the other pink touches at the end.

The decorative lamb pillow is made with polka dot flannelette, white and black felt.
It could be used as wall decor instead of a pillow. It is quite flat.

Even the pink bow is made of felt. 

A sweater is always nice gift. I crocheted a simple shape all half-double crochet with a few
stripes. I was planning to make the sweater hooded but changed my mind and made a
shell stitch peter-pan collar. When it was finished I got the idea to line it with some soft
cotton fabric and from there it seemed sensible to make it reversible. I cut two pieces of the
lining fabric the same shape as my sweater and seamed it right sides together. Then I
sewed it by hand into the sweater. I like how it turned out and so did my daughter-in -law.

Ties seemed to work the best for a reversible sweater. They are a crocheted chain and then slip stitched into each chain for body.

At the last minute I found I had some flannelette in my stash  that had sheep on it so decided to make a double-sided blanket to line the basket I was putting my gift in.

Finished Baby gift !
A baby is a wonderful miracle and so much fun to make things for. What do you think?

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Finished Quiet Book

A Quiet book is one of the most time consuming projects to do but also very
 satisfying when you see a child you love getting enjoyment out of it.

A few years ago I made a quiet book for my grandson Levi.

Posts about it can be found HERE  and HERE and HERE.

I felt it was about time I made one for his brother Owen.  I have shared all the different pages
with you in several previous posts.   This blog is about the finishing of the book.

After making plans for all the pages I laid them out in the order that seemed to make sense.
 There was no particular theme to the book, just pages I thought my grandson would like.

The Book Plan:

The Finished Pages:

Page 1

Pages 2 & 3

Pages 4 & 5

Pages 6 & 7

Pages 8 & 9

Page 10

The Quiet Book Cover:

With the pages finished it was time to make the cover.

I used a picture of Owen in the snow and printed it on an avery fabric sheet.
 How it's done is described in THIS POST

The picture was then sewn on the fabric that would be the front of my book.
 It was edged with grosgrain ribbon for texture and to protect the edges from fraying.

I used some leftover fabric from my stash.  I had used it as the lining for  THIS PROJECT.
Because of its weight and sturdiness I felt it would also make a good cover for this book

      Two pieces of fabric were used: cut the size to fit my pages plus seams and overlap
 (for securing the cover to itself in the back). I sewed right sides together, turned
 it right side out and sewed around the entire edge .

A strip of fabric was used to serve as the spine. It was sewn
on the cover leaving openings to fit three rings evenly. The lines
for the openings were sewn over several times for strength.

Three velcro squares hold the book closed.

The finished book! I am so happy to be done.

The best part of this project was watching my grandsons playing with their quiet books.

Owen seemed to love it!

I hope through sharing all this I can inspire you to make a quiet book for a child in your life. I am sorry I didn't photograph the actual process but when I get going on something I find it hard to stop for pictures as I am working. If there are any questions feel free to ask in the comments section.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Owen's Quiet Book Page 10

The final page I made for Owen's quiet book is a mailbox page. He seemed to love this page the most!

The Plan:

Felt Print sheet for mailbox page:

The miniature parcels, notepad and pencil are the only things that are not fabric. I found the little
 parcels a long time ago at Michaels on sale and just thought they were so cute and knew I would 
use them at some time. You could make parcels out of felt as well. Everything else is double
 regular felt except for the Canada post sign which is printed on fabric, the letters which are
 stiffened felt and the envelopes which are single layer felt.

The one letter is just zig-zag but on the other I used the alphabet feature on my sewing machine and wrote "to owen" on one side and "with love" on the other. I only have one size of letters on my machine so I could not write more in the space allowed.

The letters and parcels can be put in the mailbox slot.

The mail can be retrieved by opening the door on the bottom of the mailbox. I put interfacing on the door inside to give it strength and so it wouldn't stretch. A strip of velcro holds the door closed and a bead is attached for the handle.  Owen loved writing on pieces of the notepaper and mailing them.

All the mail fits in the mailbag when not in use.

I was happy to see my grandsons have fun with this page.