Monday, 17 November 2014

Is it Christmas again?

As I begin preparing for Christmas I realized that I hadn't shared my decor from last year 
      so I decided to do it now. I hope it will inspire you in your Christmas decorating.

Red, white and turquoise Christmas tree

                             One of my favourite things is decorating my table. I wanted to use 
                                                as many of my vintage dishes as I could.
Red, Pink and Turquoise table for Christmas

My china is Wedgwood "Chester" (produced in 1971). 
 The pink and aqua serving dishes are vintage Pyrex.


                The glassware is vintage in pink and turquoise.

Christmas table favors and place  cards
I made small boxes and place card tags with 2 truffles in each for table favors.
They coordinate with my centerpiece in pattern and colour.

The angels for my table centerpiece started with a pattern from THIS 

I changed the face and the colours and added some "bling" 
in the form of paste gems.

DIY Christmas table centerpiece
Inside the angels there are flameless candles.

Here is the pattern:
Angel Pattern

If you would like it in pdf format just comment and I will send it to you.

The chandelier was decorated with a mix of vintage and new decorations in
red, pink and turquoise.

Christmas decor Chandelier

In the center of the chandelier there are some vintage" sugar bells ".

This year I am working on something very different and look forward to sharing it soon.

Have fun decorating! 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner with family 2014

I love the special days and thanksgiving is a favorite. We have so much to be thankful for.
 The day before our dinner I heard this in a sermon:

I realized just how blessed we are!

Decorating the table is always a big part of the fun for me. Here are a couple of views of my table which was done very inexpensively.

Thanksgiving  table

thanksgiving centre piece
I used 2 acorn squash and one spaghetti squash as containers for inexpensive
 flowers I purchased at my local grocery store and leaves from my yard

Place cards
The small woven pumpkins are ones I have used for many years in different ways. 
They are also shown in this post. I made the leaves on my computer, printed them and cut them out.

The family sitting down to eat

The food

The recipe for the make ahead gravy which is delicious is also at the link shared above.

I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

"Doctor Who" party for a 13 year old.

When my grandson was turning 13 I wanted to be careful not to do a theme party that might seem childish. Teens are often more worried about being seen as childish than adults are. He had liked Dr. Who for a while so that is what I chose. There are a lot of sites with these kind of parties and a good number of ideas.

Dr. Who party table


Dr. Who Tardis treat bags
I printed a Tardis picture and glued it to the front of a blue bag for the treat bags. I also used them as a centerpiece for the table .

                                        The napkin rings consisted
                                          of a rectangle of plaid as
                                          the ring with a picture of
                                          a bow tie glued to them.

My husband does my printing. We made a poster as large as we could on his printer for the back wall. I cut plastic tablecloths from the dollar store into streamers and made a border of larger bow ties. The stars were from Michaels.

Doctor Who cupcakes

We printed cupcake toppers from HERE and added some with pictures of a tardis and a dalek. We also made Tardis cupcake wrappers.


Veggie Dalek
The inspiration for the veggie dalek came from HERE. I used radishes in place of the cherry tomatoes.

Bow tie pasta salad

I made a BLT bow- tie pasta salad to keep with the theme. I found the recipe HERE. I didn't have buttermilk so I used 2% and I used romaine for the lettuce because I thought it would not wilt as easily as leaf lettuce. Everyone said it was yummy! I did use the Applewood smoked bacon and it is so good.

This is supposed to be " fish fingers and custard". It is actually PC shortbread and custard. I was planning to use icing sugar and water as glue to adhere graham crumbs for breading but as this whole party was planned and executed in 2 days I ran out of time.

I also ran out of time for this idea I got HERE. These are adipose marshmallows.

Bow tie toasts with cheese. I also used bow tie cheese to garnish the meat platter.

Doctor Who party table
I was thrilled to find these blue water bottles. The bows are hair-bows from dollar tree. In place of "jammy dodgers" there is a bowl of peak frean jam cookies.

Jelly candies for the 4th dr. "Would you like a jelly baby?"

The birthday boy seemed to like it.

If anyone is interested in any of the printables in PDF  form leave a comment with your email address and specify the ones you would like. No cost!